Ted S. Warren / AP

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump Thursday to offer a compromise that would keep the state in trusted traveler programs.  

Mark Lennihan / AP

State officials are reacting to the news that the federal Department of Homeland Security is ending an expedited travel pass known as Global Entry for New Yorkers crossing into Canada or Mexico or arriving home to an airport from a foreign country.

The famous travelers of the past like Lord Byron, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Gertrude Bell were essentially solitary. That’s how I started out in my teens, puttering around Europe on a motorcycle – alone not because of my noble independent spirit but because nobody would ride on the back. Now we travel in crowds, sometimes crowds of two or three thousand when a big cruise ships comes in. There’s no “escape,” whatever the Sunday Supplements tell you, and precious little wonder or magic in that kind of travel.