Mary Altaffer / AP

A congestion pricing plan for New York City is likely to pass the State Assembly. A portion of that money could fund Long Island Rail Road and Metro North improvements.

Terry Sheridan / WSHU

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York has reintroduced a bill that would provide funds to local governments to make grade-level rail crossings safer.

Victims Identified In Triple-Fatal LIRR Crash

Feb 28, 2019
Seth Wenig / AP

The MTA has released the identities of two of the three people killed in a Westbury train crash Tuesday night.

Antenna Recall Stalls LIRR Safety Upgrades

Feb 27, 2019
Kathy Willens / AP

A billion dollar project to upgrade the Long Island Rail Road with safety equipment has hit a setback. More than 4,000 antennas built to prevent crashes have been recalled.

Bebeto Matthews / AP

Gridlocked roads, delayed trains and rising fares make being a commuter in Connecticut and Long Island a challenge, to say the least. What's being done to help ease the life of the commuter? Today on The Full Story, Ron speaks with: