Elise Amendola / AP

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s transportation plan does not have the support of the Democrats in the State Senate.

Office of Conn. Gov. Ned Lamont

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has announced his revised $21 billion 10-year transportation infrastructure plan. The money would be spent on improvements to Metro-North Railroad and highways. The goal is to help reduce commute times into New York City and within the state.

Susan Haigh / AP

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has sought Republican support for his second attempt at a transportation plan. He pitched the revised plan to state Senate Republicans last week.

Seven Years Since Sandy, And LIRR Repairs Still Not Complete

Oct 29, 2019
Kevin P. Coughlin / Office of N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The head of the MTA, Patrick Foye, says the agency is still years away from completing its Superstorm Sandy-related repairs of the Long Island Rail Road.

One of the main projects still pending is the repair to the East River tunnels. They were flooded with millions of gallons of corrosive salt water when Sandy hit seven years ago this month.

Amtrak, which owns the tunnels used by the LIRR, says it’s not likely to have the design phase for the tunnel repairs completed until 2021. 

Next Generation LIRR Cars Already Behind Schedule

Oct 24, 2019
Mtatrain / Wikimedia Commons

The Long Island Rail Road says the rollout of the next generation of train cars has been delayed by six months.