Tom Salta

Writing music for games is a dream that Nikola Jeremic has worked very hard to achieve. After winning several music and audio design competitions, and contributing additional music for games including Destiny 2, Nikola got the chance to score a game on his own. He says he combined his admiration for the music of Vangelis as well as Paul Ruskay's music for Homeworld in his OST for Starpoint Gemini Warlords.

Juan Patino

At this year's ASCAP Composers' Choice Awards, Tom Salta and Klayton (AKA Atlas Plug and Celldweller) were co-winners of Video Game Score of the Year for Killer Instinct, Season 3! Tom says working with Celldweller was a fun process that gave them a chance to create music for some of Season 3's new characters.