Elisa Amendola / AP

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont still wants his highway toll proposal. Lamont is negotiating with Democrats on a scaled-back toll plan for trucks only and on select bridges that need repair.

Office of Conn. Gov. Ned Lamont / Twitter

The governors of Rhode Island and Massachusetts encourage Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont to pursue his highway toll proposal.

Toll Proposal Stalls In Hartford

Jul 15, 2019
Elise Amendola / AP

Connecticut House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz is uncertain if Governor Ned Lamont’s proposal for electronic highway tolls will be approved.

Susan Haigh / AP

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont failed to get a deal on his highway toll proposal in a meeting with state legislative leaders on Wednesday.

Susan Haigh / AP

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is to meet with state legislative leaders this week to discuss the possibility of a special session to work out his controversial highway toll proposal.