Suffolk County Launches Tick Awareness Campaign

Jul 11, 2019
James Gathany / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via AP

Suffolk County health officials have stepped up their battle against ticks with a new public awareness campaign.

James Gathany / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Researchers at Western Connecticut State University have confirmed there is an exotic new tick that could be feasting on animals in Connecticut.

Wikimedia Commons

What started as one scientist's hunch turned into a decade of research, which now claims a positive link between an invasive shrub called Japanese barberry and deer ticks.

Connecticut Man Dies From Rare Tickborne Illness

Aug 23, 2017
AP Photo/Victoria Arocho

A Connecticut man has died after he contracted a rare tick-borne illness. The state medical examiner says fifty-five year old Michael Yoder of New Milford died on August 8th of liver and kidney failure due to a serious case of babesiosis.

Can That Tick Carry Lyme Disease? This Website Can Help

Jul 12, 2017
Jessica Bolser / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest

Experts have predicted a higher than usual number of ticks this year. That could mean increased risk of Lyme disease, but not all ticks carry the infection. If you’ve found a tick recently, the University of Rhode Island has an easy way to identify it, and determine whether it might be dangerous.