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Saturday marks 50 years since the first moon landing. Now, NASA is tapping a team from Stony Brook University to investigate how going to space impacts human health. 

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Six lunar modules from the Apollo Program still sit on the surface of the moon, each with a name plate: “Made in Bethpage.”

Jason Auch / Wikimedia Commons

A Stony Brook University scientist who discovered a penguin supercolony in Antarctica has won a national science prize of $250,000.

Desiree D'Iorio / WSHU

A new research facility on Long Island will study how to remove nitrogen and other harmful contaminants from wastewater. The facility will help protect drinking water and the environment.

NOAA Fisheries

Oyster farmers on Long Island may want to consider adding a new crop to their repertoire – sugar kelp. That’s according to scientists at Stony Brook University.