Steve Bellone

Alexander F. Yuan / AP

Suffolk County has established a public campaign finance board to oversee the distribution of public money to political campaigns.

Suffolk County Announces $100M Septic Investment

Apr 22, 2021
On Earth Day, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced $100 million in funding to eliminate outdated cesspools and septic systems that contribute to nitrogen pollution, and  harmful algae blooms, beach closures and fish kills.
Steve Burkhart / Office of Suffolk County Executive

Suffolk County will invest $100 million to help improve water quality and remove outdated cesspools and septic systems on Long Island.

security cameras
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In the wake of a national spike in gun violence, Suffolk County police will partner with local businesses to connect their security cameras to the county's police crime center to use during emergencies and identify active shooters.

Long Island Congressman Tom Suozzi
Frank Eltman / AP

Long Island Democratic Congressman Tom Suozzi has joined a caucus of representatives who say they will not support President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan if it fails to restore state and local tax deductions.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, middle, announces his nomination of FBI veteran Geraldine Hart, right, as the county's next police commissioner in 2018.
Office of Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone / Facebook

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart has resigned after three years on the job. She leaves for a higher paying job that will also likely be less political.