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Nassau County Police say they have apprehended the suspect in a shooting at a grocery store in Hempstead, Long Island. Police say the shooter is a current or former worker at the store.

UPDATE: Person In Custody After Fatal West Hempstead Supermarket Shooting

Apr 20, 2021
Nassau County Police
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Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said 31-year-old Gabriel DeWitt Wilson is in custody after a gunman fired several shots at a Stop & Shop in West Hempstead. One person is confirmed dead and at least two more are injured, police said.

Scott Davidson

Police are investigating a shooting at a house party in Bridgeport that wounded 13 people early Sunday morning. No one was killed, but one person was left in critical condition after being shot in the face.

According to police, at least two shooters fired at partygoers through hedges in the house’s backyard. All  victims were in the rear part of the house. Police said most of the victims were shot in the legs and left the hospital after being treated for injuries that were not life-threatening. 

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Trumbull Gardens is Bridgeport, Connecticut's largest housing project, with more than 400 households, and it's the location of two shootings in the past month, including one that killed one person and injured eight others.

Police in Bridgeport, Connecticut say they're putting more patrol officers on the street in a housing project where one person was killed and eight were injured in a shooting early Thursday morning. It's the eighth shooting death in Bridgeport this year. The city has averaged about 15 shooting deaths a year since 2008. Thursday morning's shooting took place at a project called Trumbull Gardens.