Suffolk County Announces $100M Septic Investment

2 hours ago
On Earth Day, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced $100 million in funding to eliminate outdated cesspools and septic systems that contribute to nitrogen pollution, and  harmful algae blooms, beach closures and fish kills.
Steve Burkhart / Office of Suffolk County Executive

Suffolk County will invest $100 million to help improve water quality and remove outdated cesspools and septic systems on Long Island.

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The Bridgeport City Council in Connecticut has authorized a $395 million state-required upgrade to its worn out wastewater system.

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Every major bay on Long Island was hit with toxic algal blooms this summer. The algae starves the water of oxygen and causes massive fish kills, according to an annual report on the health of Long Island’s waterways released this week. Now, Suffolk County is trying to tackle part of the problem: human waste. 

Superstorm Sandy Floods Lindenhurst, N.Y.
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Suffolk County lawmakers want the federal government to extend the deadline for ongoing sewer infrastructure projects halted by the pandemic.

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After a four-state tour, Suffolk County planners updated lawmakers Monday on what they knew about mitigateing what officials call Long Island's greatest crisis in generations: nitrogen contaminating regional estuaries.