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People in charge of hiring are heavily influenced by the prejudices of their employees – even if they’re not biased themselves. A new study from researchers at Yale and NYU shows that could have an outsized effect on job-seeking women.

Now some news from the very small world of quantum computing. Scientists at Yale University have figured out how to teleport information at the tiniest scales of nature. The discovery could one day power some of the world’s most impressive computers.

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There’s a shortage of the vaccine that helps people complete their immunization to the shingles virus.

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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has honored the Stony Brook scientist whose work led to the development of the MRI, declaring his work a “historical milestone.”

A plaque honoring the late Paul Lauterbur will be on display at the Stony Brook Medical Research and Translation building.

According to his daughter Elise, Lauterbur had his eureka moment while chewing on a hamburger at a Pittsburgh Big Boy restaurant. 

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Pools of warm water have accumulated deep beneath the Arctic ice, according to scientists from Yale University, and they say that could be cause for alarm.