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ALS is a rare degenerative disease that progressively weakens the body until the person no longer has the ability to breathe. There is no cure. But a new treatment that is in human trials is sparking hope.

Sunlight As Fuel?

Dec 6, 2018
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Researchers at the University of New Hampshire are working with a federal laboratory to create carbon-neutral fuel using sunlight.

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Global warming is changing the range of water currents that flow deep under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. That’s according to new research from Yale examining the effects of melting sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.

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What do burnt toast and dinosaur bones have in common? Yale researchers have found the surprising answer. It lies in the chemicals that keep some bodily tissues intact within dinosaur fossils.

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Scientists at Stony Brook University think it might be possible to use social media to look for signs of depression. They’ve built an algorithm that scans Facebook posts to find what they call “linguistic red flags.”