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Scientists at Yale University are teaming up with the NBA to explore a new method of testing for COVID-19.

Toxic Seaweed Entrenched In Long Island Waters

Jun 8, 2020
Seth Wenig / AP

A new species of toxic seaweed has taken root in some Long Island bays.

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People with a gene that causes dementia are twice as likely to have a severe case of COVID-19. That’s what a team of researchers at the University of Connecticut and a British medical school have discovered.

Courtesy of Ainissa Ramirez

Science has fascinated Ainissa Ramirez ever since she watched her very first episode of the PBS kids science show 3-2-1 Contact. It changed the way she looked at the world and put her on a career path. 

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PFAS, common chemicals used to make everything from pizza boxes to take-out containers, are associated with risk of miscarriages, according to a new study from Yale.