The New York State budget includes a $3 billion dollar increase in money for schools as part of a plan to fulfill a 15-year-old court order that required the state to spend significantly more on schools to guarantee every child’s constitutional right to an education.

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If downtown housing development in Riverhead continues, its school district said it will be unable to handle the new student influx it will cause.

School Student Carries Backpack

The rate of COVID-19 has been climbing in New York, as everywhere else in the U.S., but the rate of infection in schools has remained low.

Cuomo Supports NYC School Reopening Plan

Nov 30, 2020
School Bus
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he supports the decision by New York City to reopen its schools to in-person learning.

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Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is encouraging college students home for the holidays to volunteer to help out in public schools that are short of teachers because of COVID-19.