Richard Blumenthal

Office of Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont

There's a push to close gyms and indoor dining in Connecticut. Suffolk County grapples with bail reform, and Governor Andrew Cuomo declares war, again, on COVID.

Plum Island Advocates Unveil New Preservation Plan

Jul 22, 2020
Ed Betz / AP

Local activists have a new plan for the future of Plum Island in Long Island Sound.

Frank Franklin II / AP

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has called for additional support for nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic. He says they need more personal protective equipment and help with cleaning and safety costs.

Courtesy of CT-N

Connecticut’s two Democratic U.S. senators joined the state’s Democratic governor in urging the Republican controlled-U.S. Senate to pass the next COVID-19 economic stimulus package.

Corey Perrine / AP Images for Subway

Connecticut’s two U.S. senators have called on the CEO of Subway to ban guns in the company’s restaurants.