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Connecticut restaurants say they’re still waiting on pandemic relief money. Governor Cuomo defends New York’s COVID death toll, new evidence on a wrongful conviction in New Haven, and Suffolk County might be an exception to a disturbing national trend.

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Restaurants on Long Island will be allowed to use sidewalks and designated space in streets for dining through next June.

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New York lawmakers will likely not be extending alcohol to go at restaurants and bars as part of their actions on the final day of the legislative session. Restaurant and tavern owners, who are still struggling financially, expressed their disappointment.

C19: Help Wanted

May 20, 2021
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Connecticut restaurants are understaffed, a new incentive for New Yorkers to get the vaccine, National Grid wants in on offshore wind, and controversy in Smithtown over race and diversity curriculum in schools.

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The Connecticut restaurant industry supports Governor Ned Lamont’s offer to pay a $1,000 bonus to unemployed residents who return to work before the end of the year. They said it might help them rebound to pre-COVID staffing levels.