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Seventy-five percent of Connecticut restaurants said their sales are still down compared to before the pandemic, according to a new survey by the Connecticut Restaurant Association.

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Restaurants and other food service providers in New York will be banned from using polystyrene foam containers starting in January. The state ban also includes loose fill packaging, known as packing peanuts.

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A study released on Tuesday revealed that 60% of U.S. adults have changed their restaurant habits as the COVID-19 Delta variant rises. The restaurant industry worries this could force hundreds of closures.

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Here’s the latest on the coronavirus outbreak in the region:

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said he wants to avoid reinstating statewide COVID-19 mandates. He said this week he would not follow New York City’s proof of vaccination requirement for indoor dining and gyms.

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Connecticut restaurants say they’re still waiting on pandemic relief money. Governor Cuomo defends New York’s COVID death toll, new evidence on a wrongful conviction in New Haven, and Suffolk County might be an exception to a disturbing national trend.