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On Long Island, the Nassau County Legislature voted unanimously to waive administrative fees so that homeowners can remove racist language that may still exist on their property deeds. Some lawmakers say the measure only scratches the surface of a more complex history.

Connecticut Town Votes To Make Juneteenth A Municipal Holiday

Nov 12, 2020
Manchester, Connecticut, Town Hall
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The town of Manchester, Connecticut, has made Juneteenth an official town holiday.

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A federal lawsuit filed this week by fair housing groups across Long Island alleges the online real estate marketplace, Redfin, engages in racial discrimination.

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Researchers from Yale analyzed close to 5,000 cases of police shootings and found people of color have been killed by police significantly more than white people over the past five years.

Suffolk County police
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Suffolk County Police Department stopped and searched Black and Hispanic drivers at higher rates than white drivers. That’s according to a Newsday analysis released this week.