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Carlos Osorio / AP

The City of New Haven is complying with a judge’s order to inspect and abate potential lead exposure at the homes of two children, who have an amount of lead in their blood that the Centers for Disease Control says puts them at risk of long-term health effects. 

Suffolk County Launches Tick Awareness Campaign

Jul 11, 2019
James Gathany / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via AP

Suffolk County health officials have stepped up their battle against ticks with a new public awareness campaign.

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Health officials in New York are proposing stringent new drinking water standards for contaminants like 1,4-dioxane.

Matt Rourke / AP

The State of Connecticut will set up a committee to investigate the toxic chemicals PFAS, which are found in firefighting foam and many consumer products.

Big_Heart from Pixabay

The Red Cross in Connecticut says it needs blood donations and previous donors may notice more calls asking them to schedule an appointment.

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