Police Reform

Scott Davidson

A Suffolk County Police Detective has filed a lawsuit against his department alleging discrimination.


Connecticut state lawmakers and activists are calling for the creation of an independent oversight board to review alleged police misconduct. They want the state to enhance a police accountability law that was approved last year.

Suffolk County police
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Police reform advocates said Suffolk County is still conducting certain traffic searches that were banned in March as part of state-mandated police reform. According to police data, these searches have disproportionately impacted Black and Hispanic drivers.

Scott Davidson

Nassau County announced a committee to increase the number of non-white police officers. Right now, about 87% of the department is white — far less diverse than the community they are sworn to protect.

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Supporters of a measure that would end some legal immunity for police officers who injure or kill a citizen during an arrest rallied Wednesday at the State Capitol. They said the practice, known as qualified immunity, gives bad cops too much protection.