Police Accountability

Seth Wenig / AP

Town records show the Suffolk County District Attorney had opened an investigation into the Southold Town Police Department in response to complaints about an officer’s retirement party violating COVID-19 guidelines.

Jessica Hill / AP

Two Republican leaders in the General Assembly have urged Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont to suspend the state’s new police accountability law.

Suffolk County police
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Suffolk County Police Department stopped and searched Black and Hispanic drivers at higher rates than white drivers. That’s according to a Newsday analysis released this week.

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A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit on Wednesday that challenges part of Connecticut’s new police accountability law. The State Police Union says it plans to appeal, as part of  a push to restore a union contract that kept complaints against police sealed.

Danielle Wedderburn / WSHU Public Radio

Many provisions of Connecticut’s historic police reform act that passed this summer go into effect Thursday. They include bans on chokeholds and no-knock warrants.