Plastic Bag Ban

Davis Dunavin / WSHU

Environmental advocates for Long Island Sound launched an anti-pollution campaign focused on plastic, with a cleanup at Lighthouse Point Beach in New Haven, Connecticut, this week.

Connecticut Plastic Bag Tax Starts August 1

Jul 29, 2019
Day Donaldson / Flickr

Connecticut has a new 10 cent tax on single-use plastic bags that goes into effect August 1. And, stores are still allowed to charge customers a fee for single-use paper bags.

Eric Risberg / AP

Advocates say the New York State plastic bag ban isn’t as effective as it needs to be. They worry the ban will just cause people to use more paper bags.

Kevin P. Coughlin / Office of N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo

As Earth Day was celebrated Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that bans single use plastic bags in grocery stores and other retail shops in New York State. The ban takes effect March 1, 2020.

Mark Lennihan / AP

Suffolk County is cracking down on plastic straws, styrofoam and packing peanuts. Legislation passed this week sets new restrictions to tackle plastic pollutants.