Pine Barrens

Jacob Rohrbach

The Long Island Pine Barrens Commission wants more information before it decides on the fate of a controversial golf course resort in East Quogue. 

Jacob Rohrbach

Long Island’s Pine Barrens Preserve is crucial for water quality, but advocates and experts say its value extends beyond groundwater protection. Rare plant and animal species call this ecosystem home, and humans rely on it for hiking, fishing, and communing with the sights and sounds of seemingly endless trees. 

The Long Island Pine Barrens Society

A proposed golf course on 600 acres of land in Long Island’s Pine Barrens is testing the spirit of a 1993 law that was created to protect the forests – and the drinking water underneath them. That law was hard fought, and only passed thanks to a movement inspired by three young activists more than four decades ago. 

Kiara Thomas

A controversial proposal to build a golf course and resort in the Long Island Pine Barrens has pitted preservationists against developers. Both sides argue that the 1993 Pine Barrens Protection Act is on their side. 

Long Island Environmentalists Urge Pine Barrens Preservation

Jul 11, 2019
Joshua Joseph

A recent study by the New York Public Interest Research Group has put Long Island’s drinking water under the microscope. It found high levels of chemicals like PFOA, PFOS and 1,4-dioxane.