Pine Barrens

Long Island Environmentalists Urge Pine Barrens Preservation

Jul 11, 2019
Joshua Joseph

A recent study by the New York Public Interest Research Group has put Long Island’s drinking water under the microscope. It found high levels of chemicals like PFOA, PFOS and 1,4-dioxane. 

Pine Barrens Commission To Review Impact Of Proposed Luxury Golf Development

May 16, 2019
The Turducken / Flickr

The state commission in charge of protecting the Long Island Pine Barrens reaffirmed its authority to review a possible 600-acre golf course and housing development in East Quogue. This pleased environmentalists who were concerned that developers were trying to evade scrutiny.

Courtesy of Peconic Land Trust

The Peconic Land Trust and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation have announced the preservation of a parcel of land in the Central Pine Barrens core that will help protect Long Island’s drinking water aquifer.

The Turducken / Flickr

Eight hundred acres of pine barrens around the never-opened Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant will be protected from development under state law.

Land Swap Could Be Solution For Long Island Solar Farm

Mar 28, 2018
The Turducken / Flickr

Representatives of the Middle Island Solar Farm have met with members of the Cuomo administration to discuss plans for a land swap for part of the 100-acre plot in Mastic.