Olivier Deriviere

Aardman Animations

11-11 Memories Retold tells the stories of two World War I participants: Harry, a Canadian photographer, and Kurt, a German engineer. Each of them has a unique reason for traveling to Belgium to be part of the battle: Harry to impress a girl back home, and Kurt to find his missing son.

DONTNOT Entertainment

It's 1918, and London is in the grip of a terrible outbreak of the Spanish Flu. Dr. Jonathan Reid is a battlefield medic, but he's also been turned into a vampire, in DONTNOD Entertainment's newest game, Vampyr.  Composer Olivier Deriviere told me that the story and compelling characters gave him plenty of emotional inspiration to explore the doctor's conflicting drives of wanting to heal patients, while needing blood to survive.

Get Even Game

Olivier Derivière pushes the envelope of how music can be part of a game in his score for the psychological thriller, Get Even. Olivier grew his music organically from the in-game sounds, and as he explained after I caught up with him after his session at the Game Developer's Conference, it took lots of experimentation!