Offshore Wind

A Suffolk County election official says early voting is too expensive to run this year. Can the ocean be shared by both marine life and offshore wind? Connecticut’s Department of Labor plans to take back millions in unemployment payments, and drama over gerrymandering.

Maine Prohibits Offshore Wind In State Waters

Jul 8, 2021
Peter Dejong / AP

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has signed compromise legislation to permanently bar future development of offshore wind projects in state waters. At the same time, momentum is building behind her plan to develop, for research purposes, a 16-square mile wind farm in federal waters off Maine.

Matt Young / AP

The Biden administration is opening more waters off of Long Island for large-scale wind development.

Courtesy of Th G from Pixabay

A bill that would allow towns and villages on Long Island to seek competitive bids for energy now awaits a signature from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He has until next week to act after when the legislative session ends this Thursday.

Matt Young / AP

Offshore wind developers have slightly scaled back their plans to build the South Fork Wind farm off the coast of eastern Long Island, but the project still doesn’t sit well with fishermen.