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The City Council of Norwalk, Connecticut, is set to vote on an expanded definition of gender that includes identity and expression on Tuesday. The change comes after Norwalk decided to adopt the gender-neutral title of “council member.”

Internet Broadband cable
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The city of Norwalk, Connecticut, will partner with the Dalio Education Foundation and some other private foundations to provide broadband internet access to all its school-aged children. 

A statue of Christopher Columbus in Norwalk, Connecticut, came down, with no announcement and little fanfare in the dead of night, ahead of a planned protest.

The statue stood in the city’s Thomas C. O’Connor Park. Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling says the local Columbus Memorial Fund asked the city to relocate the statue because they were worried about vandalism.

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Connecticut cities are still trying to figure out how to attract investors to low-income areas with a big tax credit. The so-called "opportunity zones" were created by the Trump administration two years ago so investors could avoid capital gains taxes. 

Plastic Bag
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In response to Norwalk’s recent ban on plastic bags, a local group has established 12 locations where people can donate their reusable shopping bags.