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The New Haven, Connecticut, waste management authority that was blamed for a sewage spill in the Mill River last summer has denied any wrongdoing this week and has asked for a federal lawsuit to be dismissed.

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Suffolk County has established a public campaign finance board to oversee the distribution of public money to political campaigns.

N.Y. State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli
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New York has access to the largest budget in state history — $212 billion. But the state comptroller has cautioned lawmakers to preserve some cash for rainy days.

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The Suffolk County Water Authority is teaming up with the Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini to monitor groundwater and investigate where pollution is coming from. Sini said they could use that information to eventually prosecute polluters of the region’s water supply.

NYC, Suburbs Receive Failing Grades For Air Quality

Apr 21, 2021
air pollution
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New York has made mixed progress — and Connecticut made minimal progress — in reducing air pollution, according to the American Lung Association’s annual “State of the Air'' report.

Ozone and particle pollution in the air has kept the two Northeastern states closer to the top of the list for most polluted areas in the U.S. However, the New York metropolitan area might not entirely be to blame.