New York State Senate

The New York Capitol Building in Albany
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New York state could require nursing homes to spend a certain amount of their revenue on direct patient care, mandate transparent reporting of COVID-19 deaths of residents at those facilities and more under a package of bills passed by the State Senate Monday.

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The New York State Senate passed an 11-bill package on Feb. 8 that targets bias in housing and real estate in reaction to investigations into systemic racial discrimination on Long Island.

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The New York state Senate has released a report this week that calls for increased penalties for real estate practices that perpetuate housing discrimination.

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Democratic New York lawmakers say this will finally be the year the state makes changes to the parole system. Elected officials will focus on two bills that would speed parole hearings and eligibility for older incarcerated people.

Karen DeWitt

Long Island sent four Republicans to the New York State Senate this week for the start of the new legislative session. That’s one more than last session and way fewer than the nine when the GOP had its heyday. The small gains could make a big difference in the priorities of the Republican minority as a whole.