New York State Budget

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The U.S. Small Business Administration is giving certain groups priority to COVID-19 relief. There’s no body camera footage to help in the investigation of a recent shooting in Ansonia, Connecticut. New York now has access to the largest state budget in its history. And lately, the media hasn’t been hearing much from Governor Cuomo.

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Top State University of New York (SUNY) officials say they want a tuition freeze at the state’s colleges and universities. They are asking Governor Cuomo and the state legislature to adequately fund SUNY in the budget so that they don’t have to raise rates for students. The request comes as lawmakers are scrambling to meet a March 31st budget deadline.

Chairman of the SUNY Board of Trustees Carl McCall says the board and its chancellor don’t want to raise tuition, and they want Governor Cuomo and the legislature to help them avoid it.

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Governor Cuomo concedes that ethics reform is unlikely to be a part of the New York State budget, despite the conviction of the two legislative leaders on major corruption charges. Cuomo blames the legislature for lack of will to enact changes.

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Mental health groups say they are being left out of a massive reshuffling of New York’s Medicaid program, and  that people with mental illness transitioning back to their communities will suffer.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo began the budget season with an ambitious agenda, which included a wide array of items that he tied to his budget plan.   Those items included raising the minimum wage, reforming the state’s grand jury process and passage of the Dream Act, which would offer college financial aid to children of undocumented immigrants.  In the end, Cuomo was forced to let go of  nearly every measure.