Ned Lamont

Brian Scott-Smith

Governor Ned Lamont and Connecticut lawmakers have not yet come to an agreement on a transportation infrastructure plan.

Ebong Udoma / WSHU

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont met with Democratic and Republican legislative leaders Tuesday to discuss funding for his 10-year transportation infrastructure plan. The governor spoke as part of the 9th Annual Economic Forum at Fairfield University.

Susan Haigh / AP

Connecticut lawmakers have come up with competing plans to pay for Governor Lamont’s 10-year, $21 billion transportation infrastructure proposal. The latest has just been announced by House Democrats. It calls for truck-only tolls on 12 bridges across the state. 

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Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s transportation plan does not have the support of the Democrats in the State Senate.

Office of Conn. Gov. Ned Lamont

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont will hold town hall meetings across the state to sell his revised transportation infrastructure plan. He says his plan already has the support of the major business and labor leaders in the state.