County Committees Approve Rent Relief For Nassau Coliseum

Feb 5, 2021
Nassau Coliseum
Kathy Kmonicek / AP

Long Island lawmakers have approved changes to the Nassau Coliseum’s lease agreement including $4 million in rent relief.

Keyon Dooling spent more than a decade playing in the NBA. And these days, he’s a motivational speaker, a life coach and author. One subject he tackles is a difficult one: healing from childhood sexual abuse.

Dooling is the author of the book What’s Driving You: How I Overcame Abuse and Learned to Lead in the NBA. He recently spoke with WSHU’s Dan Katz about his experiences and what led him to write the book.

Below is a transcript of their conversation.

Knicks And Phil Jackson Agree To Part Ways

Jun 29, 2017
Julie Jacobson / AP

The New York Knicks and team president Phil Jackson have mutually agreed to part ways following three years of lackluster performance by the team and conflict between Jackson and players.