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A Connecticut corrections officer has been fired after sharing an anti-Islamic meme on Facebook. It showed four men hanging at a gallows, captioned with a hateful joke about Islam.

Building Political Engagement In New England's Muslim Community

Feb 20, 2017
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Muslims in America are the subject of heated political debate, but they account for a very small number of elected politicians in New England.

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Haris Durrani is a Dominican-Pakistani Muslim from Westport, Connecticut. Durrani co-founded the Muslim Protagonist Symposium at Columbia University to showcase stories by Muslims in a post-9/11 world. At his parents home in Westport, Durrani told WSHU's Cassandra Basler about his event and the Muslim protagonist of his debut book, Technologies of the Self.

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After weeks of closed-door meetings and public hearings, officials in Norwalk, Conn., have agreed to settle a two-year legal battle with a local Muslim group that was looking to build a mosque. The case highlighted a federal law that some in Norwalk felt left the city vulnerable to litigation. 

The Common Council unanimously agreed to a payout to Al Madany Islamic Center of more than $1 million in damages and legal fees. About $300,000 will be paid by the city's insurer. 

Norwalk ponders a settlement over mosque dispute

Sep 22, 2014

A dispute over a mosque proposal in Norwalk, Conn., is now pending in federal court. City officials are considering a settlement agreement to end a legal battle with the Al Madany Islamic Center. But while the attorneys have worked out an agreement, it's not popular with the mosque's would-be neighbors or the general public. 

Farhan Memon is a spokesperson for the Al Madany Islamic Center. It's made up of about 100 families in Norwalk, who currently pray in basements. He said they're not asking for special treatment.