Music Respawn

Supergiant Games

Darren Korb is the composer and sound designer for Supergiant Games. Pyre is their most ambition project yet, and as we'll hear, Darren channeled his love of classic rock for the soundtrack.

Barnes and Noble

Greg Edmonson said he was thrilled with new vinyl releases of some of his favorite projects, the OSTs of Firefly and Uncharted 1-3. In our conversation you'll find out how his unique fusion of multi-cultural music has taken him on an incredible journey.

Microsoft Studios

Waking after centuries of cryo-sleep, Joule Adams discovers nothing has gone according to plan in ReCoreChad Seiter wrote a lush, optimistic score for this new game from legendary developer Keiji Inafune and the team that made Metroid Prime. Our conversation touched on how he approached the challenges of writing the score, and why writing music for boss battles is his favorite part.

Very often, playing a video game is a solitary experience, and few games are lonelier than the Chinese Room's Dear Esther. As you explore a desolate Hebridean island, your only companion is the journal entries read aloud by a mysterious, regretful narrator.