Big budget films would dominate at the box office…that is, before COVID-19 shut down most movie production and theatres.

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Women from India who learned to make and sell menstrual pads attended the Oscars this year. They were featured in the winner for Best Documentary Short: "Period. End of Sentence." The film follows the women who break the taboo topic of menstruation in India. Davis Dunavin spoke to one of the producers – a freshman at Yale University.

Left: Pamela V. White via Flickr. Right: Jennifer Peltz via AP.

On Long Island, a major goal in the rebuilding of the historic Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center has been reached.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to allow movie theaters across the state to serve alcohol.

Cuomo introduced a bill that will allow alcoholic beverages to be sold to legal age customers with tickets for films PG-13 and up.

Nationwide movie theater admission sales have been flat for years. As a way to boost attendance, movie theaters in New York want to serve alcohol.

State law currently permits theaters with licensed restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages. Previous attempts to passing legislation to allow alcohol sales have failed.

Several deaf moviegoers and advocates for the hearing impaired have filed a federal lawsuit in Connecticut against the Bow Tie movie theater chain, alleging it is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by not providing services for hearing-disabled people.