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Offshore wind developers have slightly scaled back their plans to build the South Fork Wind farm off the coast of eastern Long Island, but the project still doesn’t sit well with fishermen.

Montauk Point Lighthouse in Montauk, N.Y.
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Work to prevent the historic Montauk Point Lighthouse from slipping into the ocean has started this month. The Army Corp of Engineers will bolster the shore with stones to protect the national landmark from erosion. But a full renovation of its tower is still necessary because of damage from over two centuries of extreme weather.

Wind turbine windmill
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Energy company Equinor has proposed running an offshore power cable from wind turbines through waters off of Montauk.

Montauk Point Lighthouse
Kathy Kmonicek

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $30.7 million contract to restore the Montauk Point Lighthouse.

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East Hampton Town will revise its plan to deal with sea level rise in Montauk. This comes after local business owners criticized recommendations that properties on the shoreline should move inland.