Mike Groll / AP

The chief fiscal officer of New York expects the state will continue to struggle with how it handles Medicaid payments in the next fiscal year. 

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Connecticut advocates say proposed cuts to Medicaid in President Donald Trump’s new budget plan could have disastrous effects on low-income people seeking addiction treatment.

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A new Trump administration proposal would allow states to cap Medicaid spending. Some healthcare policy experts say it might help New York cut its $6 billion budget deficit.

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A lack of information on how Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to cut $2.5 billion out of state-funded health care programs led to some tense moments at a legislative budget hearing Wednesday.

Darren McGee / Office of N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo released a $178.6 billion budget proposal Tuesday. In it he detailed plans of how to deal with a $6 billion budget deficit largely caused by increased costs for Medicaid, as well as plans to legalize the adult recreational use of cannabis in New York.