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Attorneys for three Connecticut high school athletes who are suing the state say a judge should recuse himself for not letting them refer to two transgender girls as male.

Pat Eaton-Robb / AP

Attorneys for three high school runners in Connecticut say recent victories at the track shouldn’t affect their lawsuit.

Pat Eaton-Robb / AP

A runner who sued to stop transgender athletes from participating in girls track in Connecticut won a head-to-head race for the second time against her transgender opponent. 

Chelsea Mitchell won the 55-meter dash Saturday at the Connecticut State Open track meet. 

Terry Miller, who is transgender, came in third. Mitchell last week beat Miller in the Class S championship race.

Pat Eaton-Robb / AP

Three high school track runners in Connecticut have sued to block transgender athletes from competing in girls’ sports. They say athletes with male anatomy have an unfair advantage.

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A new study from Yale University and Oregon Health and Science University looks at how doctor’s prejudices toward LGBT patients change during medical school.