Legalized Marijuana

Jeff Chiu / AP

The town of Newtown, Connecticut, banned the opening of legal cannabis businesses on the same day the state legalized recreational marijuana.

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Most New Yorkers do not want Governor  Andew Cuomo to run for office again. Pot is officially legal in Connecticut today, criminal justice advocates in the state are unhappy with a recent veto, and what's in the state's new budget?

Jim Mone / AP

As of Thursday, recreational marijuana is officially legal to possess and use in Connecticut.

Jim Mone / AP

Governor Ned Lamont has signed a bill that legalizes adult recreation use of pot in Connecticut.

Governor Ned Lamont at the Mystic Aquarium in Norwalk on June 18, 2021.
Ebong Udoma / WSHU Public Radio

Governor Ned Lamont said he will sign the law that legalizes the adult recreational use of pot in Connecticut next week.