Kevin Lembo

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Connecticut’s state comptroller says the state is on track to end the fiscal year with a $126 million surplus.

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Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo says a new law makes it possible for the public to have access to financial information about quasi-public agencies, which would include the troubled state lottery.

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Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo is commending the state for making progress towards accepting the idea that gay couples can successfully adopt and raise children.

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Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo says he’s updated his online state revenue calculator to make it easier for Connecticut residents to understand how increases or decreases in proposed taxes would affect the state’s ability to fund services.

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Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo wants state lawmakers to pass a bill to require transparency in prescription drug pricing. He says it would help prevent out-of-control drug price increases, like what happened with the EpiPen injection a couple of years ago. The legislature’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee held a hearing on the bill on Tuesday.