Kate Remington


This year is the fifth anniversary of the week-long Charles Ives Concert Series in Danbury, Connecticut. Taking inspiration from its namesake, the Ives Concert Series presents contemporary music as well as traditional works all performed by emerging and established musicians and composers. Kate Remington talked with the series' founder and artistic director, Paul Frucht, about this season, which begins on August 4. 

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment

Mortal Kombat was the first game series that Wilbert Roget remembers totally falling in love with. The characters and the story were so much more real than those of many other games at the time. As he told me, he was thrilled to have the opportunity to write the soundtrack for the newest iteration, Mortal Kombat 11


The theme for this season's Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival is "Winds of Change." Kate Remington talked with the festival's founder and artistic director, flutist Marya Martin, about how this theme is woven throughout the season, which includes the complete works for winds by Mozart, as well as music by women composers who are shaking things up. The festival opens on Sunday, July 21.


Neal Acree's music has provided the emotional underpinnings for cinematics for Blizzard's World of Warcraft and Overwatch for years. Recently he released One World, the first track from his full-length album, The Velvet Machine. Neal has also been expanding his soundtrack for Frostkeep Studios' Rend, a game inspired by Norse mythology. He tells me that both of these projects gave him a chance to spread his wings and try new things.


Andrew Prahlow's first thought when he heard the description of Outer Wilds as a "backpacking adventure in space," was that it would be the perfect opportunity to use a plunky old banjo a friend had given him. Andrew was invited to compose the soundtrack for the game by his friend at Mobius Digital Games, Alex Beachum, and they agreed that the rustic home area of Outer Wilds needed a "homely" ensemble of guitar, banjo and harmonica.