Kate Remington

Jimmy Teoh for pexels.com

Annoyed that no one seems to pay attention to them anymore, the ancient gods hire a troupe of actors to portray them while they visit Victorian London to discover why they're ignored. That's the premise of the first operetta, Thespis, by Gilbert and Sullivan. 

Kate Remington talks with John Dreslin, music director of the Connecticut Gilbert and Sullivan Society, about their production of this seemingly lost work, performed on stage October 12 and 13 in Middlefield. 


As soon as composer Petri Alanko heard about Remedy Entertainment's paranormal thriller, Control, he knew he had to write the music for it! Petri was intrigued by the story of a seemingly-normal woman, Jesse Faden, who arrives at the well-hidden Federal Bureau of Control, looking for answers to her brother's disappearence. All is not as it seems, and Petri created a soundtrack that also isn't what it seems, including samples of his espresso machine and a friend's screeching brakes.   


The Norwalk Symphony Orchestra opens its 80th season on Saturday, September 28th, at the Norwalk Concert Hall with a tour of exotic locations including China, Hungary and 1920s Paris! Kate Remington talked with Music Director Jonathan Yates about the program, which also includes Brahms' Symphony No. 1, and gives the NSO's new concert master, Krzysztof Kuznik, a chance to shine. 

New Haven Symphony Orchestra

On Thursday, September 26 at 7:30pm, Alasdair Neale takes the podium for his first concert as the New Haven Symphony Orchestra's new music director. Kate Remington talks with him about his vision for the orchestra, and the program, which includes two intriguing contemporary works, and Rachmaninoff's triumphant Symphony No. 2. 


Nainita Desai's chamber orchestra soundtrack for Telling Lies by director Sam Barlow is pretty much the only honest thing in this intriguing live-action thriller. The player has access to a stolen hard drive to view videos of conversations with each of the four main characters, all of whom are hiding something. 

Nainita says working with Sam was an incredible experience because she was able to help flesh out each character's personality with her music, even before Sam had cast the actors.