Jessica Curry

the Chinese Room

Little Orpheus, created by the award-winning studio The Chinese Room, is set in the Soviet Union in 1962.  Sure, there's a space race, but "interior-naut" Ivan Ivanovich is being interrogated for his journey to the center of the earth, in charge of a nuclear device, the Little Orpheus, which has mysteriously disappeared. 

Conductor Amy Andersson is shaking things up (in a good way) in the classical music world, and in live performances of music from video games! Most recently, she was one of the conductors who presented a spectacular concert in Sofia, Bulgaria, of music from Uncharted, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and many others. In our conversation, Amy says she's so proud to be able to perform music from games for a live audience, and we talked about her Orchestra Moderne as well.

Jessica Curry won a BAFTA award for her soundtrack for The Chinese Room's Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, so when it was announced that she was working on music for a new game, the excitement was palpable. As she told me, the story of So Let Us Melt is like a fairytale, and it was so much fun to write joyful music for it.

Rockstar Games

Barnabas Smith of Adelaide, Australia, is a ludomusicologist. What is that, you ask? It's the scholarly study of video game music! Smith is applying his research to delve deep into the open-world music of Grand Theft Auto 5 and analyze how it seamlessly blends a great score by Woody Jackson and Tangerine Dream and others with hundreds of licensed songs. 

As he explains in our conversation, there's more to GTA 5 than it first appears:

Very often, playing a video game is a solitary experience, and few games are lonelier than the Chinese Room's Dear Esther. As you explore a desolate Hebridean island, your only companion is the journal entries read aloud by a mysterious, regretful narrator.