This summer the Videri String Quartet launched a competition, Quarantets, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and their separation from each other as performers.  The competition solicited string quartet arrangements of music from video games that were set in a post-apocolyptic world, or other circumstances in which life suddenly changed.

Counterplay Games

Godfall, created by the small studio Counterplay Games, is a launch title for the brand new Sony Play Station 5. Soundtrack composer Ben MacDougall says he was hooked on the project from the very first conversations with the developers, who enticed him with the gorgeous, dangerous world of Aperion and  epic game play as the Valorian hero Orin seeks revenge for his betrayal by his brother Macros.

Super Giant Games

It seems the developers at Super Giant Games never run out of ideas! As soon as they finished up their game Pyre three years ago, they immediately began work on Hades, which follows the hero Zagreus as he attempts to escape the Greek Underworld to be reunited with his mother, Persephone. Soundtrack composer Darren Korb says he assembled a collection of traditional instruments, including a Greek bouzouki, but since the game takes place in Hell, it had to have full-on metal guitars!

Giant Squid

The Pathless is the latest game created by Giant Squid studios.  A mysterious island is plagued with darkness emanating from cursed beings, and it's up to a fearless Hunter and her Eagle companion to rid the island of these beasts. Austin Wintory created a pan-cultural soundtrack with diverse instruments including a traditional Swedish nyckelharpa, a Middle Eastern Oud, flutes and whistles, but he says the soul of the music comes from a six-hour jam session he had with the Alash Ensemble from Tuva.

EA Games

Star Wars: Squadrons, created by Motive Studios and published by Electronic Arts, gives players the  authentic thrill of piloting an Imperial or New Republic ship for missions that extend the story beyond the Battle of Endor. Composer Gordy Haab says he was thrilled to provide a high-octane soundtrack that let him reconnect with the excitementl of pretending he was piloting fighters as a kid.