Study Looks At What Works Best To Fix Long Island’s Roads

Sep 10, 2019
Nick Ut / AP

A new study conducted by two trade industry groups found that Long Island's roads are fixed faster when local governments pay for a single project.

Julie Jacobson / AP

New York State expects to spend over $13 billion every year on roads, bridges, sewers and schools through 2024.

Susan Haigh / AP

Connecticut Democrats are optimistic Congress will take up President Donald Trump’s trillion-dollar federal infrastructure bill.

Julie Jacobson / AP

An industry report graded states on the structural integrity of their bridges. In Connecticut 308 bridges are classified as “deficient,” or in need of repair. New York has more than 1,700 bridges in the same category.  

Mary Altaffer / AP

A congestion pricing plan for New York City is likely to pass the State Assembly. A portion of that money could fund Long Island Rail Road and Metro North improvements.