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The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness finds that almost 30% of people in their shelters first became homeless after release from the state Department of Corrections. Lawmakers are considering legislation that could make it easier to find housing after leaving prison.

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A bill in the Connecticut General Assembly would make housing a right for all residents in the state.

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Dealing with how to build trust with vulnerable Black and Latinx communities on identifying housing discrimination on Long Island is a challenge a Suffolk County task force will soon face.

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House prices continue to soar in Fairfield County as many New Yorkers move to Connecticut because of the pandemic. Housing advocates say this is making the affordable housing issue worse.

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The moratoriums on rent and mortgages In Connecticut and New York set to end in December have been extended into the New Year. Does that help homeowners and renters and landlords, or does it just delay the impending evictions? What are lawmakers doing to keep people in their homes? And last year, local food banks struggled to meet the growing demand for their services. What are they doing this year to keep people fed? Housing and food security.

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