Higher Education

Courtesy of Anouk Olthof

College education will look remarkably different this fall. Many schools will try to blend online and in-person classes to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The federal government introduced — and quickly rescinded — a directive that had international students wondering if they would be able to continue their studies at U.S. colleges at all.  

Courtesy of University of Bridgeport Alumni / Facebook

A group of Connecticut colleges has announced a plan to keep the University of Bridgeport viable by locating some of their academic programs on the school's 86-acre campus near Long Island Sound.

Murphy Bill Would Extend Pell Grants To Inmates

Feb 25, 2020
Arnulfo Franco / AP

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy visited the York Correctional Facility, Connecticut’s all-female prison, to hear how Pell Grants have made a difference in inmates’ lives.

SUNY Grads
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Legislation introduced in New York could place a four-year freeze on tuition costs at state and city universities.  

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Connecticut four-year colleges cost more and have lower rates of completion than their national peers. That’s the finding of a report to be released Tuesday by an affiliate of a national public education advocacy organization.