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Some Winter High School Sports Set To Begin On Monday

Dec 30, 2020
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

On Long Island, public high school winter sports that are “low and moderate” risk are scheduled to begin on Monday.

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What happens to the High School student-athletes looking for a path to college through sports but can’t play because of COVID-19?

On the flip side, what happens to College athletic programs looking to recruit new talent?

Today on The Full Story, we take a closer look at the impact the pandemic has on high school and college sports.

A conversation with guests:

20 Coronavirus Cases Linked To Hockey Rink

Oct 27, 2020
Ice Skates
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Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont says no additional restrictions on winter high school sports are needed to handle a spike in cases linked to ice hockey.  That's after governors in Vermont and New Hampshire suspended all ice rink reservations for two weeks amid 150 cases related to broomball and hockey games.

Image by Oliver Cardall from Pixabay

The body that governs high school sports in Connecticut has announced an “alternative season” for football and other fall sports that were denied a full regular season.


The Connecticut Department of Public Health has released guidelines that restrict additional “high risk”, high school sports from playing amid the coronavirus pandemic.