Governor Cuomo

C 19: Take A Hike!

1 hour ago
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New York is encouraging residents to take advantage of state parks this summer. Governor Cuomo made a lot of money on his controversial memoir, Governor Lamont is taking some more heat from republicans, and a new report shows a surprising reason troops are leaving the military.

C19: An Alternative To Police

May 13, 2021
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In some cases, social workers could replace police in New Haven. Nursing home workers in Connecticut plan to strike tomorrow, the first teen in the state got the vaccine, and are there politics at play in the investigation of Governor Cuomo?

C19: Women For Cuomo

May 4, 2021
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Female supporters of Governor Andrew Cuomo speak out. New York will extend its moratorium on evictions, another wind farm cable has been proposed for Long Island Sound, and the state’s cannabis industry will experience some growing pains over the next year.

Mike Groll / New York Governor's Office

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says President Trump did not discuss a possible quarantine for New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey when the two spoke on Saturday morning.

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If the New York State Senate is controlled by Democrats after the election, there could be some differences over taxing and spending policies. Many Democrats favor extending an income tax surcharge on millionaires when it expires next spring.