Governor Andrew Cuomo

student mask
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Following a weekend of confusion for school children, their parents and teachers, Governor Andrew Cuomo clarified changes in mask policy for schools in New York. He now said children don’t have to wear masks outside, but have to wear them inside.

The New York Capitol Building in Albany
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The New York state Senate approved a measure this week to allow adult survivors of sexual harassment and assault to bring their abusers to court. Advocates hailed the action, but said they are increasingly frustrated and “alarmed” over the state Assembly's failure to act on the bill and on other anti-sexual harassment measures.

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Democrats who lead the New York state Legislature are moving ahead with several criminal justice reforms in the remaining weeks of the 2021 session. But Republicans, who are in the minority party, are pushing back, saying the measures go too far and will contribute to the rising crime rate across New York.

The New York Capitol Building in Albany
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The New York State Senate approved anti-sexual harassment measures this week that extend protections to top staff in the governor’s office as well as for employees of other elected officials.

New York Assemblyman Charles D. Lavine, D-Glen Cove, during a public hearing on sexual harassment in the workplace, in Albany, N.Y., on Feb. 12, 2019.
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The New York State Assembly’s committee that’s conducting an impeachment inquiry into Governor Andrew Cuomo committee met Wednesday afternoon, and offered a brief progress report.