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The State of the Arts

Aug 21, 2020
Credit Sole D'Alessandro G. / Unsplash

Cultural institutions, like museums, theaters, galleries, and music clubs, are gathering places for the masses. They are also some of the last venues to open up following the shut down in Connecticut and New York; getting together in large numbers is still not safe.    

But that doesn’t mean culture has stood still. The Full Story explores how the arts interpret, document and respond to life-changing events. 

Criminal Justice During Protest & Pandemic

Aug 7, 2020
Jessica45 / Pixabay

When people live through extraordinary times, they’re challenged to rethink the social structures and systems that they once accepted as normal.   

Criminal justice is one system that has been fiercely called into question. 

The death of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, and COVID-19 have many taking a closer look at how the justice system functions in our country.   

Xenophobia In Our Backyard

Aug 2, 2020
Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona / Unsplash

How do ethnic communities in our region become targets of xenophobia?  Today on The Full Story we consider two examples of how this happens in our region.   First, up is WSHU’s series, The Virus of Hate.  Reporter Cassandra Basler reports on how attacks against Asians in the US rose as the coronavirus spread.

Household Economics In The Time Of COVID-19

Jul 24, 2020
Mark Lennihan / AP

New York and Connecticut are moving closer to completely reopening their economies.  But are household incomes feeling the shift?  

Federal programs to help laid off workers are about to end.  So are the holds placed on evictions for renters and mortgage grace periods granted to homeowners.   

Meanwhile, emergency food services in our region say they’re busier than ever.

A conversation with guests:

Doing Business During COVID-19

Jul 17, 2020
Restaurant Worker Personal Protective Equipment
Charles Krupa / AP

Four months ago Connecticut and New York went into lockdown to fight the spread of the coronavirus. No one expected it to last this long, but now both states are slowly rolling back restrictions and we’re getting a clearer picture of the economic impact. We'll discuss doing business during COVID, with guests: