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Checking In On The New School Year

Oct 2, 2020
Andy Falconer / Unsplash

A new school year has begun.  How are teachers, students, and parents managing learning during COVID-19? 

A conversation with guests:

Chloe Evans / Unsplash

What is an essential worker? When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit our region, we heard a lot about them. People who worked in Healthcare, sanitation, supermarkets, and the post office became essential. They risked their health to keep us all going.   

So what are we doing for them?

Keeping the Power On

Sep 18, 2020
Dina Lydia / Unsplash

More than eight hundred thousand residents were left in the dark when Tropical Storm Isaias swept through Connecticut in August.  

Many blamed the big utilities saying they are not prepared to prevent the widespread outages. But others say it’s time to stop the finger-pointing and start planning for long term solutions!

Today on The Full Story that’s what we’re going to do. We’re looking at what it would take to improve the electrical grid in Connecticut to endure future extreme weather conditions.   

Elections and the Right to Vote

Sep 4, 2020
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The 2020 election season is in full swing but it’s like no election season we have ever seen. 

Protest Art

Aug 28, 2020
Ed Robertson / Unsplash

The art of protest.  Whether it’s street graffiti during the Arab Spring, yellow umbrellas of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, murals of George Floyd in the United States or slam poetry; art helps us make sense of events that can overwhelm us.